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New website

[Player] ZB1218 a posted May 3, 13
This website will still be up but there is not going ti be any thing posted here

That is the new website

Closed Site

[COwner] marjo321 a posted Apr 30, 13
Closed Site

New Website

[Player] shane40000 posted Apr 26, 13 Is the new website. Go on it now. No staff from meloncraft is staff on the new one. Zach said you have to apply again.

Website and server

[Player] ZB1218 a posted Apr 16, 13
The Server Website is going goo but i am making another one when this one runs out because I didnt mean to make the address ginger nation, it was meant to be For that website i will be paying for. The staff will be the same but there will be a new Address it will be   
 "  ". but it is not active yet. Also the that we currently have has no host therefor very laggy. I will solve this problem by getting a new server with exodus hosting. The server will be not laggy and have way more plugins. 

Note to Mrarco: I am sorry Marco but i will not be needing a host anymore when my new server comes out so u will be an admin and.

Note to admins: Some admins will be getting demoted. But not headadmins. The headadmins will stay. They will be demoted to mod. For example the admins that are prob getting demoted are Cj, XxByronxX, Shane4000. But mabey not all of them. Oh ya and if u write "phew" or something along the lines of i am relived i am not getting demoted in the comments u are getting demoted. 

[Player] 1_800_GetxShot I can pay for the server after the yearis over then i will have my own card so i will buy a few servers so ill pay for u ...
[Player] minecraftmackor let marjo and getshox be co owner its not rocket science :i
[Player] minecraftmackor umm was the server up??? cuz i couldnt connect (O_O)


[COwner] marjo321 a posted Apr 11, 13
SORRY Guys The website sync with the server is glitchy it may say the server is not on when it is
unknown2nd Ill be on tomorrow it's to late now here.
unknown2nd Put up a staff section at the top
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